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Muriel Peltzer

endurance sports | gym

Muriel has been with us since 2019.
We asked you for your tips for achieving your sporting goals.

What nutrition tip would you like to have received at the beginning of your training career?

I would have liked to have found out earlier or received an analysis of which macronutrients I tolerate well and which I don't. Since there are different types and metabolisms and studies show that nutrition accounts for 70% of training (training 30%) in relation to training, it is important to know your body precisely in order to adjust your nutrition plan accordingly and be able to achieve success.

When things have to be quick in the kitchen, what do you prepare?

I like a porridge in the morning, takes about 5 minutes and the fruit can be prepared the night before. At lunchtime I like a vegetable pan. Here, too, the vegetables can be prepared the day before and then they only have to be thrown into the pan, a little salt, pepper, Alpro and that's it!

Which fitness recipe is your favorite?

Starting the day with overnight oats + fruit and some nuts is the best. It's super quick to make, can be put together individually, taken anywhere and gives you energy for the day.

What do you do right after training?

Usually a protein shake (shoko or vanilla flavor) or half a banana at least 15 minutes after training.

What motivates you to give 100% in sports?

Since I started field hockey at the age of 6 and was on the field almost every day during my peak phase, there is actually not a day without sport for me. But especially in the last few years, in which I have expanded my training with a specific training plan, it is also the successes and developments in terms of muscles, endurance and strength that motivate me to go to the gym to see how far I can get and when I reach my limits with my body.

If you only had 15 minutes to train in the gym, what exercises would you need to include?

This has to be a circuit of 3 of my favorite exercises: deadlifts, toes to bar and squat jumps.

Which exercises gave you the fastest & best results?

It's not so much specific exercises as more the weight I put on each exercise. I used to be reluctant to lift heavy weights, but now I'm very motivated to go heavy. But for me it's also a mixture of strength and endurance exercises, which I saw results quickly. In practice this means: A strength exercise, eg leg presses in combination with squat jumps.

How often do you train a week?

Since I grew up with field hockey, as already answered above, and had training almost every day at the time, I still do sports almost every day. But I also give my body rest and breaks to regenerate. But I also like to do regeneration runs at the weekend or use a day off for fascia training with the "Triggerpoint Role" or to stretch properly.

What exercise could you not do without?

There is no way I could do without the Stairmaster at the end of a workout or as a cardio session. It's just great how you can burn off energy there in such a short time.

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