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Markus Hoffelner

weight training | gym

Markus Hoffelner has been with us since 2020. 
We asked him about his tips for achieving his sporting goals.

What motivates you to give 100% in sports?

To prove yourself and to get better every day.

If you only had 15 minutes to train in the gym, what exercises would you need to include?

One run with all 4 basic exercises. Bench presses, lat pulldowns, deadlifts and squats.

Which exercises gave you the fastest & best results?

Definitely the exercises I enjoyed the most. (Of course compound exercises are important, but you can't achieve constant progression if you don't enjoy doing one of these exercises!)

How often do you train a week?

Very different. (3-6 times a week)

What exercise could you not do without?

There are some exercises that I really enjoy doing. These include; Bench press, pull down and much more.

What nutrition tip would you like to have received at the beginning of your training career?

Due to my current training as a nutritionist, I can now say exactly how a form of nutrition for performance improvement is composed. So this question is easy for me to answer.

For me, a "nutrition tip" about the correct macro split for different load characteristics would have received the highest priority, as this defines the performance of various athletes and thus the overall progression.

When things have to be quick in the kitchen, what do you prepare?

This question can also be answered quickly. Because I myself offer an online platform where numerous recipes for various projects are offered. (MealPrep, Healthy FastFood and much more.)

Therefore, a sweet meal is currently an option for me as a quick meal prep. This meal contains high-quality protein and at the same time covers most of the recommended intake of micronutrients as well as complex carbohydrates for continuous energy production and plenty of minerals. Fast, nutritious and ultra tasty. It is a skimmed curd cream with berries and oatmeal. (preparation 5min)

Which fitness recipe is your favorite?

Definitely the oatmeal cake. It consists of rolled oats, eggs, skyr and berries. A high-quality recipe that provides plenty of energy and at the same time provides the organism with important vitamins and minerals.

What do you do right after training?

I pay attention to a supply of quickly digestible carbohydrates, so I have the positive effect that insulin is released. The combination with at least 30g of high-quality protein gives me the advantage that this gets to my muscles as quickly as possible through the insulin, where the nutrients are most urgently needed after training. Basically, I pay attention to about 0.5g of carbohydrates per kg of body weight and 30g of protein after exercise. That's why my post-workout meal is always composed differently.


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