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New - Push Up 360

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Rotating handles for push-ups.

Why we better designed push-up bars:

The Push-Up 360 have a flexible and detachable attachment.
Due to its rounded surface, this enables an unstable hold, which means that more muscle fibers are recruited, the core muscles are strengthened and the training is more effective. In addition, the push-up handles on both versions can be rotated 360 degrees. This allows your arms to rotate naturally during the exercise, allowing you unrestricted movement.

360° rotation

By turning the handles, the arms can rotate naturally during the exercise and different push-up variations are possible.

Intensive training

Due to the additional instability and height of the supplied base plates, your muscle fibers can be optimally recruited. For even more effective training.

Gentle on the joints

The natural movement is easy on the wrists and elbows.

Gentle on the floor

An anti-slip layer ensures a firm hold and protects the floor from scratches. Optimally adapted to your workout at home.

Optimal grip
Thanks to the optimized grip surface, you have a particularly firm grip during your workout.


PS, TPE, Steel, ABS


The Push-Up 360 has a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 6 cm . Thanks to this optimal grip surface, you have a particularly firm grip during your training.

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For the planet.

Mit dem Kauf der Push-Up 360 unterstützt du die Wanderameise. Wir spenden 3 % des Gewinns, um den Erhalt der im Amazonas lebenden Ameisenart zu unterstützen.

Wusstest du, dass einige Unterarten der Wanderameise lebendige Nester erschaffen? Dabei halten sie sich gegenseitig an den Beinen fest und bilden ein Knäuel. Von außen erscheint es chaotisch, jedoch ist es wohlstrukturiert.