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New - Balance Pad

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The mat for coordination exercises .

Why we designed a better balance pad:

The Balance Pad complements your home gym perfectly in the area of ​​balance and coordination training. The non-slip surface gives you optimal grip during your training so that you can carry out your exercises safely.

functional training
Improves balance, coordination and equilibrium.

Gentle on joints

And strengthens the deep muscles.

Non-slip surface
For a firm hold and best grip.

High-quality materials
For a durable product.

Clear design
A minimalist design for different interior styles.



Sustainably produced in Italy

The Balance Ball was produced with 100% green electricity, which means that we only use energy from renewable sources for production.
We also create zero waste as our pellets are recycled to make athletics and other school and kindergarten items.


The diameter is 65 cm.

maximum weight

1.6 tons

scope of delivery

The delivery includes the balance ball and a hand pump for easy inflation of the ball including pump adapter and valve cap.

The STRYVE Balance Ball is delivered free of charge within Germany.

How to find the right size for you:

size recommendation

Are you over 1.90 m tall or do you have above-average legs? Then the 70 cm ball is perfect for you.

Are you between 1.60 m - 1.90 m tall? Then choose the ball with a diameter of 65 cm.

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For the planet.

Mit dem Kauf der Balance Pads unterstützt du den Mantarochen. Wir spenden 3 % des Gewinns, um den Erhalt der Rochenart zu unterstützen.

Wusstest du, dass die Spannweite ihrer Flossen bis zu neun Meter beträgt? Diese nutzen sie unter anderem auch zum Kommunizieren, indem sie die Strömung brechen oder auf das Wasser schlagen.