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What to do against tension at work?

Everyone knows it, you come home from work in the evening and it pinches and tightens you
back or neck.
Uncomfortable - but avoidable.

We have prepared a number of useful tips for you to use in everyday life
Declare war on tension !

The one or the other
prefers the car to go to work. This not only harms the environment,
but can also lead to tension.
The musculature remains in a static state and a
The supply of oxygen cannot be optimally guaranteed.
are to be preferred
active means of transportation. The bike poses here as long as it is the length of the
way allows a good solution. The body is well supplied with blood and
supplies the muscles with oxygen.

2.The sitting position.
The greatest friend of tension is a static posture and little movement.
People at a computer workstation are particularly at risk here, because their eyes and head are mostly focused on a fixed area.
Here you can support the body.
Active office furniture or sitting balls lead the body into a state in which it has to constantly activate the body. This keeps your muscles on their toes and supplies your muscles with better oxygen.

3. Watch your body
Have you ever noticed? When you are stressed and tense, your deltoids (hood muscles) contract and your shoulders rise. They remain in this state until the body is given a signal to relax. This can be a break or a little relaxation workout for the shoulders.
Roll your shoulders and relax your arm muscles.

4. First Aid - Trigger Point
Once the time has come and the tension is already there, there are a number of treatment methods. A very effective one is the trigger point treatment.
You need a bouncy ball and some tact.
As soon as you have found the middle of the tension, you press on the corresponding spot with a little force. This activates the trigger point and a healing process begins.

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