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New - Trigger Spot

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The fascia product for relieving tension.

we designed a better fascia product:

Together with onpoint® we have developed a fascia product that enables the targeted treatment of trigger points. The trigger spot loosens stuck fascia and tension with pinpoint accuracy. Thanks to the suction cup and wall mounting, hard-to-reach trigger points can also be treated.

self massage
Hard-to-reach areas of the body can be treated with ease thanks to the suction cup.

Whether on the wall, on the floor or simply by holding it in your hand.

High-quality materials
For a durable product.

Targeted release of trigger points and tension.


ABS, silicone


The diameter of the product is 9.1 cm.

scope of delivery

The product includes a booklet with exercise instructions for targeted use.

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For the planet.

Mit dem Kauf des Trigger Spots unterstützt du den Erhalt des Sumatra-Nashorns aus Südostasien. Wir spenden 3% des Gewinns, um den Schutz der Nashörner zu unterstützen.

Wusstest du, dass viele ihrer Art unfruchtbar sind? Grund dafür ist ihre langjährige Isolation, was die Fortpflanzung schwierig macht.